Oliver Azevedo Barnes

Senior Software Engineer and Consultant

Generalist developer with a strong focus on web API development, and experience with frontends, team management, devops, and product. Increasingly involved in the transformation of teams and architectures.

Main domains: mobility (rail, mostly), finance, ecommerce and content management systems.

Some clients: Apple, Trainline, Bluecode and JPMorgan.

Consultancies: Mainmatter and Dockyard.

I have been coding in Ruby for a over a decade, on several projects with long-lived Rails monoliths. Lately doing a lot of performance tuning.

Also delivered a couple of commercial projects in Elixir, dabbled with Elm and Java, did a few years of PHP and Javascript. I am currently learning me some Rust.

What else…

In a past life I was a History major and a photographer.

I am Brazilian/American, and I’m currently based in Lisbon.

Besides Portuguese and English, I speak (passable) Catalan, Spanish, and some broken French. Starting on Italian now :) Duolingo addict.

For a couple of years I worked on an open source Liquid Democracy API for democratic decision-making platforms like Decidim with a few friends. The project didn’t quite take off, but I learned a lot about this ecosystem that shows promise amidst the current dystopia of social-networks rage politics and surveillance. And about open source in general while at it.

If you’d like to contact me about a potential project, please send me a private message on Linkedin.

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